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Friday, 04 Dec 2020


New Product

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Mafa Experts sells a electrocardiogram and ECG products that test detects and records the strength and timing of the electrical activity in your heart. This information is recorded on a graph that shows each phase of the electrical signal as it travels through your heart. If the heart is beating steadily, it will produce the typical  pattern.The first peak (P wave) shows how the electrical impulse (excitation) spreads across the two atria of the heart.The atria contract (squeeze), pumping blood into the ventricles, and then immediately relax.

These are the products are sells in Mafa Experts

(ECG Electrode Modern Wheel Chair Ultrasound Machine  Electrosurgical Pencils Electrosurgical Grounding Pads Disposable Neutral Electrodes  Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Hygiene Product Disinfection Wipes (Wipes, Spray, Concentrate) Hand & Skin Disinfection (Wash, Lotion, Foam, Spray Rub . Rapid Test Kit Covid-19 IgG/IgM(Whole Blood) Infrared Forehead Thermometer  Isolation Suit (White Blue) Isolation Gow)


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An English-dubbed Dutch horror film about Sinterklaas being a serial killer.

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Infrared Forehead Thermometer

  Infrared Forehead thermometer Due to its quick reading feature, it is ideal for both domestic and professional use. You just...

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